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C2 Future
Clusters for the City of the future 


Co-funded by the COSME programme
of the European Union

The project

The C2Future project proposal aims at strengthening the competitiveness of the SME – members of the cluster partners by providing them a framework and tools to collaborate across borders and sectors. Through the European collaboration, the project will facilitate the creation of new value chain in the field of Smart urbanization/ Smart Cities which integrates mobility and construction with ICT and environmental technologies.

The European Strategic Cluster Collaboration will also support the SME to internationalize their activities and penetrate third countries’ markets by creating joint internationalization strategy and internationalization roadmap.
Clusters for the City of the Future (C2Future) general objective is creating and sustaining European Strategic Cluster Partnership in the field of Smart Cities, fostering the international collaboration among clusters in ICT, mobility, building and construction and environmental technologies.
The Partnership is represented by 6 clusters from 5 countries:
❖ Cluster for Digital Transformation and Innovations, Bulgaria
❖ Euskadi Environment Industries Cluster, Spain
❖ ICT Network, Serbia 

❖Green HoMe, Italy
❖ Hellenic Association of Mobile Application Companies – Syndesmos Etairion Kiniton Efarmogon Ellados (SEKEE), Greece
❖ Lombardian Mobility Cluster, Italy

the project
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Work Packages

Work Packages


The members of C2Future took part in 3 different Working Groups in order to find common value  chains and prepare a common offer in order to enter into a new international market.

Working Groups

Working Groups

18th and 19th of May 2021

Competence Map, Skill Gaps and Complementarities


Working Group n.1

The objective was to focus on finding common lings among the participating clusters to go forward in the design of a common value chain that will be used in future projects. 

The discussions evolved around technological niches, new global mega trend and opportunities, products, services and innovation processes that build up to the value of the partnership and combined competences of C2Future partnership

28th and 29th of June 2021

Knowledge Exchange in Cluster Excellence


Working Group n.2

The objective was to identify and improve the internationalization services offered to the associates of the clusters. In addition, the design of a future common tool for supporting the internationalization of the companies in 3rd world country markets was also address as another important objective to fulfil. Partners were encouraged to exchange their point of views and knowledge on how they can facilitate the engagement of SMEs to cooperate among them in 3rd country markets.

21st and 22nd of July 2021

Market Intelligence


WG 1.png

Working Group n.3

The objective was the discussion of the strategic opportunities in the predefined countries. Experts from Colombia and the USA were be invited to deliver a presentation about the overall situation of the country as well as give insights into more specific opportunities. The presentations were be followed by Q&A sessions giving the clusters the opportunity to clear any doubts they might have in regard to these countries. Later this data will be analysed and discussed.

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B2B Event - 29-07-2021
WMF -20-10-2021
B2B & events

B2B & Events

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